A Champion’s Toolset


Kettlebells offer a dynamic and efficient approach to strength and fitness training, providing a myriad of benefits for individuals seeking a well-rounded workout. Their unique shape and versatile design engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously, enhancing functional strength, stability, and coordination. Kettlebell exercises promote cardiovascular fitness through dynamic movements that elevate heart rate. From swings and snatches to Turkish get-ups, these exercises improve power, explosiveness, and core strength. The offset center of mass challenges stabilizing muscles, contributing to improved posture and reduced risk of injury. Suitable for various fitness levels, kettlebells offer flexibility in training intensity and can be easily incorporated into both full-body workouts and targeted routines. Whether a novice or seasoned athlete, integrating kettlebells into your regimen can lead to enhanced physical performance, endurance, and overall functional fitness.


Clubbells, with their unique design and versatility, offer a distinctive training approach that yields numerous fitness advantages. These weighted clubs engage the entire body through swinging, flowing, and circular movements, promoting functional strength, mobility, and coordination. The uneven weight distribution challenges stabilizing muscles, fostering better joint health and enhanced balance. Clubbell exercises emphasize rotational movements, benefiting athletes and individuals seeking to improve sports performance, core strength, and overall agility. Incorporating clubbells into your fitness routine can result in increased grip strength, shoulder stability, and range of motion. From building lean muscle to refining movement patterns, clubbells provide a dynamic tool for a well-rounded and effective workout experience.

Battle Ropes

Battle ropes offer a high-intensity, full-body workout that delivers a range of fitness advantages. By engaging multiple muscle groups simultaneously, these heavy ropes build strength, power, and endurance. Battle rope exercises, involving dynamic waves, slams, and rotations, not only enhance cardiovascular fitness but also improve grip strength and core stability. The constant, rhythmic movements provide a unique blend of strength and cardio training, making them effective for burning calories and boosting metabolism. Suitable for various fitness levels, battle ropes can be integrated into circuit workouts, HIIT sessions, or standalone routines to amplify functional strength, refine muscle coordination, and achieve a well-rounded fitness outcome.


For those who like the feeling of overcoming an obstacle, pushing and dragging this tool can give the feeling of accomplishment. These are great leg builders, as well as a cardio booster.


Medicine Balls

Good for strength and power development.


Good for building strength and mass, as well as provides unique full-body exercises.


As the name implies, this is great for getting your feet moving. With tons of different uses, you can implement footwork, as well as upper body drills.


Specifically, when attached to other equipment, such as barbells, landmines and kettlebells. These create what is known as Accomodated Resistance. This keeps the difficulty of the exercise consistant throughout the entire movement.