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Our coaches will help you break barriers and reach a new level of performance.

Mission Statement

We're unwaveringly committed to molding champions who not only attain peak performance but also triumph over every obstacle, with an unwavering emphasis on safety. Our dedication to your growth is fortified by our expertise and attentive care, ensuring that every stride you take with us brings you closer to greatness. As you embark on your journey towards combat excellence, we fuse the concepts of victory and safety, forming an unbreakable bond that propels you towards your goals.


Anthony Legendre Head Coach

Sports Performance Specialist

Youth Fitness Specialist

DaruStrong Certified

10+ Years of Martial Arts

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We are partnered with locally-owned gyms in North Georgia to provide our clients the best training opportunities. Currently we cover the cities of...

  • Adairsville

  • Calhoun

We'd like to show our support to our Affiliates who have agreed to work with us.